Download WSEdit1040 2.0 Release 1 (October 19, 2022)

All versions of the WSEdit1040 software and their installers will be digitally signed under the name Michael VanderVeer. The ZIP archive distribution method used with PSREdit500 will not be used with WSEdit1040 software.

By downloading and running this software, you agree to the following:

  1. WSEdit1040UK, WSEdit1040NZAU, and WSEdit1040NL are not free software. All versions are a copyrighted work. If you have not purchased a license key for the software, you will be allowed a free 30 day fully functional trial of the software in which to evaluate it's suitability to your needs. After the 30 day trial has expired, you must either purchase a license key for the software to continue its use, or remove the software from your computer.

  2. If you have already purchased a license key for the software, the download of this and all future versions of PSREdit500 and WSEdit1040 will be a free upgrade of the software. No further purchase is required. If you have misplaced your license key, it may be recovered Here.

  3. While no issues are expected, you agree that you are downloading, installing and using the software at your own risk. The software is scanned by up-to-date antivirus definitions as of the release date and should be virus free. The software author will not be held responsible for any damage to your computer that may result from the use of this software.

Download WSEdit1040 version 2.0 Release 1 (Released October 19, 2022)

Download WSEdit1040UK Version
Download WSEdit1040NZAU Version
Download WSEdit1040NL Version