WSEdit1010UK Version 2.0 Release 1

WSEdit1010UK will allow you to program all the features of the following scanner models:
  • Whistler WS1010UK
  • Whistler WS1025UK
Registration for WSEdit1010UK is $10USD. If you already have a key for PSREdit100 you do not needed to purchase another key for WSEdit1010UK. Both software titles use the same key.

Latest Software Updates:

Welcome to WSEdit1010UK! This version of software is for the UK version of the WS-1010 and WS-1025 scanners. It is not compatible with the USA Versions of these models.

WSEdit1010UK Version 2.0 Release 1 (Released October 19, 2022)

  • Initial WS-1010UK/WS-1025UK Release.