PSREdit310 Feature Lists

Here's a partial list of the features of PSREdit310:

  • Full support for uploading and downloading the configuration of your GRE PSR-310 or GRE PSR-410 scanner.

  • Full support for editing of all of the object types on the PSR-310 and PSR-410.

  • Import conventional and trunked system data from the web service.

  • Import conventional and trunked system data from the database CD-ROM.

  • Import and conversion of the configuration of the GRE PSR-300, GRE PSR-400, Radio Shack Pro-97, Radio Shack Pro-2055, Radio Shack Pro-163, or Radio Shack Pro-164 scanners including all trunked settings, conventional frequencies and weather settings.

  • Import and convert your data file from PSREdit300 or PSR300DL into the PSREdit310 Format.

  • Import systems from other PSREdit310 ".PSR310" data files into your open configuration.

  • Modify scan list settings for a single object, or multiple objects with just a few clicks of the mouse.

  • Sort objects based on very flexible options.

  • Remote control of the PSR-310 or PSR-410 using the PSRCtrl310 program included in the program archive.