PSREdit100 Version 1.12 Release 6

PSREdit100 will allow you to program all the features of the following scanner models:

  • Whistler WS1010 (USA versions)
  • Whistler WS1025 (USA versions)
  • GRECOM PSR-100
  • GRECOM PSR-200
  • RadioShack PRO-404
  • RadioShack PRO-405
  • MFJ-8310
Registration for PSREdit100 is $10USD.

Latest Software Updates:

Beginning with PSREdit100 version 1.12 Release 5, all versions of the software and their installers will be digitally signed under the name Michael VanderVeer. The ZIP archive distribution method is being discontinued starting with this version. It is recommended to update to a digitally signed version of the software.

NOTE: If you are upgrading from a version of PSREdit100 prior to version 1.12, it is highly recommended that you back up any existing programming configuration files before opening them in this the current version of PSREdit100. This version will convert the files to the format needed to support the increased number of channels in recent models of the WS-1010 and WS-1025 scanners.

PSREdit100 Version 1.12 Release 6 (Released October 19, 2022)

  • Fixed an issue with a corrupted license key that may affect the ability to run previous versions.

PSREdit100 Version 1.12 Release 5 (Released June 18, 2022)

  • Fixed an issue with the lock-out flags in the marine search area.
  • Updated copyright dates
  • Digitally signed app and installer.

PSREdit100 Version 1.12 Release 4 (Released February 5, 2020)

  • Fixed a memory issue that could cause file corruption when the psredit100 internal format file was loaded into the program. This issue could cause the file to be corrupted if it was saved again.
  • Fixed an issue when generating the file image for the WS-1025 V2 scanner. This would manifest itself as corrupted search options where all delay flags for marine channels would be cleared and the HAM search was non-functional.

PSREdit100 Version 1.12 Release 3 (Not Publicly Released)

PSREdit100 Version 1.12 Release 2 (Released June 24, 2019)

  • Fixed an issue where the file was not being saved in the new format for all models. This manifested itself in the loss of any descriptive text entries for channels.

PSREdit100 Version 1.12 Release 1 (Released March 12, 2019)

  • Added support for the newer models of the Whistler WS1010 and WS1025 scanners that have additional channels over previous version.
    • The new WS1010 supports 400 channels (10 banks of 40 channels. Skywarn channel moves from channel 200 to channel 400.)
    • The new WS1025 supports 300 channels (10 banks of 30 channels. Skywarn channel moved from channel 200 to channel 300.)
  • When downloading from a scanner, you will be prompted to select the correct scanner model. Selecting the incorrect model will decode the channels in the incorrect bank pattern. An option is available on this prompt screen to save the selection.
  • Added a screen in the configuration section to control the screen display and set the number of channels, as well as set the options for downloads from the scanner.
  • The number of channels per bank and channel numbering will be updated after downloading from the scanner.
  • Fixed an issue where not all possible COM ports were being shown in the port selection screen.

PSREdit100 Version 1.11 Release 6 (Released August 27, 2015)

  • PSREdit100 listed the WS1025 scanner in the incorrect menu item for uploading the configuration to the scanner. It should have been listed with the Radio Shack PRO-405 scanner.
  • The About screen incorrectly listed the WS1025 as a WS1024.
  • Fixed a possible memory corruption issue if the scanner that was connected to the computer was not a supported model.

PSREdit100 Version 1.11 Release 5 (Released January 24, 2015)

  • PSREdit100 now imports CTCSS and DCS values when importing from the web service. Note that only the GRECOM PSR-200U scanner supports CTCSS and DCS.

PSREdit100 Version 1.11 Release 4 (Released January 16, 2015)

  • Corrected an issue with importing frequencies marked as FMN in the RR database.

  • Added the display field to the imported data in the program. While these are displayed in PSREdit100, they are not uploaded to most of the supported models of scanner and are for reference only.

  • Updated the copyright dates to include 2015

PSREdit100 Version 1.11 Release 1 (Released September 23, 2011)

  • Added support for the Nationwide conventional frequency listings in the import screen. When selecting a state/province within a country, look for the "Nationwide" option to access these agencies.

    Note: If a frequency returned in the nationwide search is outside the supported frequency range of the scanner (such as CB), the search for that type will result in no frequencies returned.

PSREdit100 Version 1.10 Release 3 (Released September 16, 2011)

  • Updated the web service to the newest version.

PSREdit100 Version 1.10 Release 1 (Released April 29, 2010)

  • Changed the default file name extension from .psr100 to .psredit100. The program will still allow you to load and save the file in the old format, however you will lose any descriptions and CTCSS/DCS information that has been entered, as that file format does not support that data.

  • Added support for the GRECOM PSR-200U base scanner. This model has FM Radio capability, and adds CTCSS/DCS decoding.

  • Added support for the RadioShack PRO-405 base scanner. Please be warned that this support is completely untested at this time since I don't have one of these scanners to test with. If there appears to be an issue with this scanner model, please contact the author at to help resolve these issues.

  • The frequency calculation on the Air band is different depending on the model of scanner you use. The PSR-100, PSR-200, PRO-404 and MFJ-8310 use 12.5KHz steps in this range. The PRO-405 and the PSR-200U use 8.33KHz steps. When converting between models, be sure to check these frequencies for accuracy.

  • Added columns for Squelch Mode and Squelch Value that are available on the PSR-200U scanner. The Sq Type and Sq Value columns are only available for the GRECOM PSR-200U scanner. These settings will not be uploaded to any other model, and will not be available for download from any other model.

  • The bank selection buttons will now wrap around. i.e. if you are on bank 1 and press the down arrow, the program will switch to bank 10.

  • Changed the bank enable area from Check Boxes to a grid. Within this grid is a column to set the bank enable status, and to enter a description of the bank. The Description column is for reference only. The description will not be uploaded to a scanner and will not be available for download from any scanner model.

  • Added a Description column on the frequency list. This column is for reference only as the supported scanners do not have support for alpha tags. These comments are not stored in the scanner, and will not be present when downloading a configuration from a scanner.

  • Added support to save files in the native format for the PSR-100, PSR-200, PRO-404, MFJ-8310, PSR-200U, and PRO-405. When saving to these formats, the file extension will be changed to match the format. These files are compatible with the PSR100DL program.

PSREdit100 Version 1.09 Release 7 (Released April 12, 2010)

  • Brought the web service up to the current version.

  • Removed the URL entries from the configuration page for the web service since these entries are no longer required. These entries are no longer user editable.

  • Added descriptive text near the Up and Down arrows that are used to change the order of frequencies within a bank.

PSREdit100 Version 1.09 Release 6 (Released March 30, 2010)

  • Added ability to associate .psr100 files with the PSREdit100 program. This allows you to click on the .psr100 file directly and open in in PSREdit100 without having to run the program first.

PSREdit100 Version 1.09 Release 5 (Released January 23, 2010)

  • Fixed the copyright date on the about screen to include 2010.

  • Fixed an issue with the web service import where the import button would be disabled if the selected frequencies would fill the bank (exact number).

  • Updated the trial license screen with the new price for the PSREdit100 software license.

PSREdit100 Version 1.09 Release 4 (Released April 20,2009)

  • Added support for the April 2009 version of the CD-ROM. This version will check for the October 2008 version first. If that version isn't found it will try the April 2009 version.

PSREdit100 Version 1.09 Release 3 (Released April 4,2009)

  • Added support for the new soap2 web service interface. PSREdit100 will automatically update the web service URL to the new interface address.

  • Also added support for the Version 2 of the data format that was released April 3. This version of the web service doesn't change much on the conventional import.

PSREdit100 Version 1.09 Release 2 (Released March 22,2009)

  • Fixed a display issue with the last updated dates on the conventional import from RadioReference. Previously this field was blank when there should have been a date in there.

  • The Country, State, and County pull downs now allow you to type the first letter of the selection desired to get you closer to the item desired.

PSREdit100 Version 1.09 Release 1 (Released March 2,2009)

  • Removed all code related to the old licensing/Protection system. The new system handles all of this for me in a much more efficient manor.

PSREdit100 Version 1.08 Release 4 (Released February 13,2009)

  • Fixed a crash bug while importing data from the web service.

PSREdit100 Version 1.08 Release 3 (Released October 22,2008)

  • Changed the available COM ports in the serial configuration screen from 24 to 64. This update allows you to use ports up to COM64.

PSREdit100 Version 1.08 Release 2 (Released October 13,2008)

  • Fixed a sorting issue with the Country, State, and County lists on the import screen.

  • Fixed an issue with independent cities not being properly detected and shown properly.

PSREdit100 Version 1.08 Release 1 (Released October 6,2008)

  • Changed the version numbering to include a release value. This release is Version 1.08 Release 1.

  • Redesigned the configuration screen into a tabbed style and added the web service tab for configuring that service.

  • Added support for the database CD-ROM. The CD-ROM option must be turned on in the configuration screen before the query CD-ROM option will appear on the import screen.

PSREdit100 Version 1.07 Changes and additions (Released September 17,2008)

  • Upgraded yet again to a new version of the C++ compiler used to create this software.

  • Added a status line to the conventional import screen. This was added to allow you to know what PSREdit100 is doing while accessing the data on the Web Service.

  • When selecting a category on the RadioReference conventional import screen, and there is only one sub-category available for the selected category, that sub-category will now be automatically selected and the frequencies retrieved.

PSREdit100 Version 1.06 Changes and additions (Released September 14,2008)

  • Fixed a bug on the download of conventional data where the "Category" pull down would not be enabled under certain conditions.

PSREdit100 Version 1.05 Changes and additions (Released September 6,2008)

  • Fixed a crash bug when attempting to upload or download when the selected serial port is in use by another program.

  • Converted PSREdit100 over to a new development environment. With any conversion to a new development environment, it's possible that some functions that worked before may not work now. Please let me know if something isn't working correctly.

  • PSREdit100 now uses the new web service for the import function. Please keep in mind that this web service is officially in beta status. If any changes to the web service are made, it's possible that this area of PSREdit100 may stop working, or not work correctly. If this happens, corrections will be made to the program and a new version released as soon as possible.

PSREdit100 Version 1.04 Changes and additions (Released June 27,2008)

  • Error detection and display from the web service should be more robust, and have a much better chance of showing the true reason if there are issues accessing the information from the Web Service.

PSREdit100 Version 1.03 Changes and additions (Released June 25,2008)

  • Added serial port detection button to the serial port edit screen. The option will scan through your serial ports (COM1 through COM32) looking for a PSR-100 or PSR-200 scanner. You must have the USB cable connected to the computer, and the scanner connected to the USB cable and turned on for this feature to work. The program will send the download command to any port it finds and look for the scanner to respond by sending it's configuration data.

PSREdit100 Version 1.02 Changes and additions (Released May 11,2008)

  • Fixed an issue with the Open File option where there was no warning if the currently loaded configuration had been modified.

  • Fixed a bug in all of the search screens on the Add Frequency menu option.

  • Added Spectrum Sweeper screen. The PSR-200 does not have the Spectrum Sweeper option, so this screen is only used for the PSR-100.

PSREdit100 Version 1.01 Changes and additions (Released May 9,2008)

  • Removed debugging screen that appears when loading or saving a file.

  • Changed the way the trial period and registration entry screen is shown on trial versions of the software.

  • Removed some references to PSREdit300.

PSREdit100 Version 1.00 Changes and additions (Released April 30, 2008)

  • Initial public release! Enjoy!