PSR500DL Version 1.03 is released!

PSR500DL will allow you to back up and restore the configuration on the following scanner models:

  • GRE PSR-500
  • GRE PSR-600
  • Radio Shack Pro-106
  • Radio Shack Pro-197
All of these scanners share a common programming configuration. The data downloaded by this utility is an exact image of the scanner's memory, and is compatible with PSREdit500. This format is also compatible with the GRE Demo application that was included on the CD with the PSR-500 and PSR-600.

PSR500DL is a free software package.

Latest Software Updates:

PSR500DL Version 1.03 Changes and additions (Released March 7,2009)

  • Fixed an issue with the V-Scanner section where under certain circumstances a V-Scanner folder would be shown as empty when in fact it is not empty.

PSR500DL Version 1.02 Changes and additions (Released March 2,2009)

  • Switched software protection systems. This new system should make the program more stable.

PSR500DL Version 1.01 Changes and additions (Released January 21,2009)

  • Added support for uploading, downloading, and erasing V-Scanner folders. This option may be found in the Radio Menu.

PSR500DL Version 1.00 Changes and additions (Released January 18,2009)

  • Initial Release.