PSR300DL Version 1.05 is released!

PSR300DL will allow you to back up and restore the configuration on the following scanner models:

  • GRE PSR-300
  • GRE PSR-400
  • Radio Shack Pro-163
  • Radio Shack Pro-164
  • Radio Shack Pro-97
  • Radio Shack Pro-2055
PSR300DL is a free software package.

Latest Software Updates:

PSR300DL Version 1.05 Changes and additions (Released March 2, 2009)

  • Switched software protection system. This change should make the program more stable.

PSR300DL Version 1.04 Changes and additions (Released February 13, 2009)

  • Made the timeout while downloading from CPU firmware 1.4 or earlier shorter. It will still stop at 98%, but will time out much quicker.

  • Added support for the Pro-97 and Pro-2055 scanners. This support is currently untested. Note that PSR300DL does not have any provision for converting the data from the Pro-97/2055 format to the PSR-300/400 or Pro-163/164 format. Data downloaded from these scanners will only be able to be uploaded to another Pro-97 or Pro-2055 scanner.

PSR300DL Version 1.03 Changes and additions (Released February 2, 2009)

  • Updated method used to select the serial port to list only those ports that are available on the system. The serial cable should be plugged into the computer before starting the program. If the port does not appear in the drop down list, you can use the Re-scan serial ports option in the file menu.

  • This version includes support for the forthcoming CPU Firmware updates for the PSR-300, PSR-400, Pro-163, and Pro-164 scanners. These updates support rebanding on these radios.

  • When downloading a configuration from a radio that has CPU firmware 1.4 or prior, you will notice that the progress bar will reach 98% and stop. The program will then pause, and then continue. This is a normal operation of PSR300DL as the scanner's data image in the new CPU firmware update is larger in size than previous versions. PSR300DL must wait to see if the additional data included in the new version will be sent, and if not received, will process the data as the old version.

PSR300DL Version 1.02 Changes and additions (Released September 4, 2008)

  • Fixed an issue with the check for updates option on the help menu.

PSR300DL Version 1.01 Changes and additions (Released September 4, 2008)

  • This version of PSR300DL requires CPU Firmware version 1.4 in the PSR-300 and PSR-400 in order to upload the configuration to those radios. CPU Firmware version 1.4 changed the clone protocol in these radios to be 100% compatible with the Radio Shack Pro-163 and Pro-164. This version will handle all necessary file conversions needed to handle this CPU firmware version, and the Pro-163/164.

  • Fixed issues with the serial port not being closed after an upload to the scanner.

  • Added menu menu bar with check for updates option, About, and visit the PSREdit web site options.

  • PSREdit300 will read the files created by this utility, however PSREdit300 it will not create a file that is compatible with this program at this time.