PSR100DL Version 1.02 is released!

PSR100DL will allow you to back up and restore the configuration on the following scanner models:

  • GRE PSR-100
  • GRE PSR-200
  • GRE PSR-200U
  • RadioShack PRO-404
  • RadioShack PRO-405
  • MFJ-8310
PSR100DL is a free software package.

Latest Software Updates:

PSR100DL Version 1.02 Changes and additions (Released April 27, 2010)

  • Added support for the GRECOM PSR-200U Base scanner. Since the format of the data from the PSR-200U is not compatible with the PSR-100, PSR-200, PRO-404 or PRO-405, the file extension when downloading data from the PSR-200U will be set to .psr200u.

  • Added support for the RadioShack PRO-405 Base Scanner. Since the data format is not compatible with the PSR-100, PSR-200, or PRO- 404, the file extension for files downloaded from the PRO-405 will be .pro405.

  • Note that there is no provision in PSR100DL to perform any conversion between file formats. A file downloaded from a PSR-200U can only be uploaded to a PSR-200U. A file downloaded from a PRO- 405 can only be uploaded to a PRO-405.

PSR100DL Version 1.01 Changes and additions (Released February 28, 2009)

  • Changed software protection package.

  • The serial port selector will now only show existing serial ports.

PSR100DL Version 1.00 Changes and additions (Released April 21, 2008)

  • Initial Release.